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Antioch Baptist Church Auditorium

For more than fifty years, Antioch has operated as a King James Bible-believing Independent Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN. In a town overflowing with churches, Antioch finds its uniqueness in the combination of its utmost confidence in God's words, love of the old hymns of the faith, and its attention to learning the Bible through expository preaching.

"We traveled here from FL for a Bible Conference at Antioch Baptist and thoroughly enjoyed it! They take a strong stand on the absolute authority of the Bible, always with grace. Their singing of long-lost hymns is exemplary."

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The Book of Psalms Series by Pastor Andrew Ray

On Sunday mornings, we journey verse-by-verse through the Psalms. Each week, we find practical and doctrinal help from the book of the Bible often considered to be the greatest songbook ever written. Join us as we examine the lives of those who endured great trials and troubles, yet enjoyed a greater walk with the Lord as a result.


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On Sunday afternoons, we take a verse-by-verse look at the book of Revelation. This book of the Bible is predominately prophetic, meaning that it foretells the future. As such, weekly, we uncover truths concerning the coming time of trouble on earth for the unsaved and the future time of bliss in heaven for those who are saved.


The Survey of Bible Characters Series by Pastor Andrew Ray and Assistant Pastor Jonathan Judy

Wednesday evenings offer a combination of Bible study and prayer meeting. On this night, we look into the life of one Bible character and discover character traits and behaviour patterns from which we can glean in order to improve our walk with the Lord. The sermons are typically shorter as to allow for time to pray as a congregation.

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