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Music serves as a great measurement of a church's love for the Lord and its willingness to separate from the world. The right kind of music glorifies the Lord, stirs the spirit, and crucifies the flesh. The wrong kind of music emphasizes man and stirs the flesh. As such, music is of the utmost importance at Antioch and we strive to keep it biblically sound and God-honouring. In addition to the listed ministry opportunities below, we major on congregational singing, believing this form of worship to be what we will experience in eternity when we gather and sing around the throne of God and of the Lamb.


Sunday morning services are typically opened with our adult choir singing. This choir is open to all members twelve years of age and up. We do not require tryouts but we do strive for excellence in our worship of the Lord. As such, the choir practices once per week after the Sunday afternoon service.


At the first of each month, our youth group meets at the church. This youth group, albeit divided into three smaller groups, begins with seven years of age and continues through college age. Part of each month's youth meeting is a time of hymn singing. From this, our youth choir is derived and this choir sings for us from time-to-time.


Our children's choir practices each week after the Sunday afternoon service, learning songs that establish basic truths of the Christian faith. This choir is made up of children ranging from age four years old to twelve years old. Because of the complexity on young minds to learn to sing and remember the words, this choir generally sings in a service once per quarter.


The Lord has truly blessed our congregation with talented people who love the Lord and are willing to play instruments in praise to our God. In addition to the piano, we have several other instruments that accompany our congregational singing each week. We consistently have six or more individuals playing instruments in the Sunday services and anticipate more in the future.

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