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Local churches, much like individuals, tend to take on the personalities and purposes of their leadership. Ultimately, we hope that said leadership is the Lord Jesus Christ through His word. There are certainly foundational beliefs and practices that should be true of every church, but there are other things that make each body of believers different one from another. This does not necessarily make one church better than another, but it certainly makes it unique. For Antioch, we believe it is God's calling for our church to major on educating people (both in our congregation and throughout the world) in the word of God. In addition to our expository preaching and teaching, we also seek to educate others concerning the word of God in specialized ways through:


Journey story by story through the Bible, but in divided and age-appropriate classes. Each week, the various classes study the same lesson, but on the appropriate level for their age group. This allows for family discussion and helps the parents be sure that their children are learning and growing. We offer divided classes from nursery age to sixteen years old and an adult class for everyone sixteen and over.


Memorization of God's word is one of the greatest deterrents from sin. It also offers a solid foundation for one's belief system. Beginning with the age of four and extending through the age of fifteen, we offer an organized and systematic set of memory verses for memorization each week. These verses are recited weekly at church and the young people receive rewards for their work.


In order to offer continued training for ministry and understanding in Bible doctrine, we have a Bible Institute. The classes can be attended in person or online and are free of charge. The textbook for these classes is the King James Bible and the major focus is on verse-by-verse studies of the various books of the Bible. Secondarily, we offer topical and practical courses to strengthen one's faith and practice.


If one is unfamiliar with a publications ministry, he may wonder of its work and purpose. Simply put, this is the publishing of God's word and the truths contained therein through various means. This can be in print (such as books, booklets, tracts, etc.) or through multimedia (such as written or media content on our website or videos on our YouTube channel).

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