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It is often said that the youth are the future of the church; however, at Antioch, the youth are very active serving at the present in the church. The young people in our church serve in almost every facet of the church's ministry. At the same time, there are several ministries within the church designed with the youth in mind in order to prepare them for present and future service to our God.


Memorization of God's word is one of the greatest deterrents from sin. It also offers a solid foundation for one's belief system. Beginning with the age of four and extending through the age of fifteen, we offer an organized and systematic set of memory verses for memorization each week. These verses are recited weekly at church and the young people receive rewards for their work.


There are multiple opportunities for young people to participate in the church's music ministry. As it pertains to choirs, we have a children's choir (four through twelve years of age), a youth choir (seven years through college age), and an adult choir (for twelve years of age and up). In these choirs, young people are trained on how to sing properly and increasingly how to read music and sing the various parts.


Journey story by story through the Bible, but in divided and age-appropriate classes. Each week, the various classes study the same lesson, but on the appropriate level for their age group. This allows for family discussion and helps the parents be sure that their children are learning and growing. We offer divided classes from nursery age to sixteen years old and an adult class for everyone sixteen and over.


On the first Tuesday of each month, our youth group (ages seven through college age) meets at the church. We have a meal together, a time of singing, a Bible lesson, and a time of service. Some of these portions are accomplished with the group meeting as one unit, but other portions are accomplished in subdivided groups with more age-appropriate leanings.

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