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The elderly saints are often one of the greatest treasures within a local body and yet equally neglected. The people in the flock who could be most helpful to the seniors are generally occupied with the daily cares of business and family and lack the time and energy to minister to them. Yet, God calls upon us to remember, pray for, and encourage these dear saints in the Lord. This should be true in every church, but especially in those that hold to the King James Bible as the supreme authority.


We are blessed with folks in our congregation who minister to our elderly in various ways. Generally, this ministry involves prayer, encouragement, and concern. More specifically, they do so by offering rides to appointments, grocery shopping, sending cards, visiting with them, or by taking them meals. We also have a monthly senior meeting at the church that includes a meal, Bible time, and fellowship.


In addition to a general ministry to the senior saints, we attempt to offer some special care to our widows or widowers at different times in the year. After all, these dear saints have needs as seniors, but especially as widows or widowers.

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