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The church's greatest mission, outside of glorifying the Lord, is to carry the gospel of Christ to those who are lost. The Bible calls this the ministry of reconciliation. While the modern church seeks to accomplish this by luring the world to the church via worldly methods and entertainment, Christ calls us to take the truth to where the world resides. This can and should be accomplished both locally and throughout the world. Ultimately, the church's failure in this ministry is the explanation for the rise in ungodliness in the world around us.


Knoxville is inundated with Independent Baptist churches, many of whom reach out to their communities and beyond; however, this does not release us from our responsibility to reach our community. As such, we witness to our neighbours through street preaching, scripture sign holding, door-to-door visitation, tract distribution, and other specialized efforts such as nursing home services.


While it is our responsibility to reach our immediate neighbours, it is also God's plan for each church to be a headquarters for worldwide missions. As such, we both send and support missionaries to go to the ends of the world. In addition to this, we strive to reach the world online through our website ( and YouTube ministry as well as in the printed word through our publications ministry.

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