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Trinity Baptist Temple (later renamed Antioch Baptist Church) was founded on Sunday, February 20, 1972, by Dr. Luther E. Adkins during a business meeting held in a charter member’s home. Approximately fifty members from another church wanted to start a new work for the Lord because they had become disillusioned by ungodly and unbiblical practices in their former church that were not going to be resolved. By unanimous vote, the people present made Dr. Adkins the pastor and the first church service was held right after the business meeting. The very next week, the church started meeting at the Hamilton National Bank located on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Broadway in Knoxville, TN. Approximately eight months later, the church moved to its present location at 5709 N. Broadway and held services in a six-room dwelling house which was included in the purchase of the property. The ground floor of the present building was finished in December 1974 and the second story in October 1978.

On November 6, 1983, the members under the leadership of Dr. Luther E. Adkins voted unanimously that David F. Reagan (then assistant pastor) would become pastor in the event of certain circumstances as set forth in a resolution written by Dr. Adkins. Brother Reagan had proven himself to be called of God over and over again while in the church. He was called to preach in 1972, attended Bible Baptist College in Springfield, Missouri, from 1973 to 1976, and then in 1977 became acquainted with Dr. Adkins and began attending Trinity Baptist College & Seminary. Over the years he received a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree, and finally, a Doctor of Theology Degree from Trinity. Brother Reagan led music for the church, was ordained October 7, 1980, became assistant pastor, and worked under Dr. Adkins for seven years. Upon the death of Dr. Adkins in July 1985, Brother David F. Reagan became pastor of Trinity Baptist Temple.

As of September 1, 1997, Trinity Baptist Temple was renamed Antioch Baptist Church. Numerous churches in the Knoxville area contained Trinity or Temple Baptist in their church name and because of such, many bills, reservations, phone calls, etc. were misdirected to the church and visa versa. But the main reason for the change to the particular name Antioch was the biblical example set by the church at Antioch in the book of Acts.

Before Brother Reagan's death on May 8, 2007, he had continued the ministry of the evening college (now called Antioch Baptist Bible Institute) and the church became involved in multiple ministries including foreign missions and church planting. In addition, the church supports numerous missionaries and/or missionary entities at home and abroad.

On May 13, 2007, just after the death of Brother Reagan, the members voted unanimously that Andrew B. Ray (then assistant pastor) be called to be the third pastor of Antioch Baptist Church (also recommended by Brother Reagan in an epistle to the church read the Sunday following his death). In his time as pastor, Brother Ray has overseen major building renovations, authored or co-authored nine books, authored numerous gospel tracts, edited a hymnal, and expanded the online ministries to include online Bible Institute classes.

At this present time, we continue as a Bible-believing church that sings the old hymns of the faith, preaches the King James Bible, believes sound biblical doctrine, and strives to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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