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At a high level, our doctrinal position is that which aligns itself to the teachings of the Authorized Version of 1611, also known as the King James Bible.

More specifically, we believe:

  • There is one God, manifest in three persons.

  • The Father is God and is a self-existent and eternal Spirit that cannot be contained within the universe.

  • As one third of the Godhead, the Son bears all the resemblance to the other members of the Godhead; yet, He is unique in that His role in the Father’s will included Him adorning a body of flesh and becoming both fully God and fully man.

  • The Holy Ghost is God and therefore bears all the attributes of God; yet, He is unique in that He minimizes Himself and points men to the Father and the Son.

  • The Spirit world, including spiritual beings and spiritual abodes, was created by God to serve Him and to bring Him praise and glory.

  • All physical life, whether it be on the earth or within the larger universe, is created by God.

  • Man was created by God and is the crown jewel of God’s creative work, sharing God’s image as a three-part being (spirit, soul, and body).

  • Sin can be committed against one’s body or against others, but it is ultimately the transgression of God’s law and is an offense to God.

  • Society is composed of neighbourhoods and families, and they are ordained by God and for His glory.

  • The words of God are found in the Holy Bible, the Authorized Version of 1611, also known as the King James Bible.

  • While God has remained the same throughout time, His dealings with men have varied depending upon age and people group. To properly understand and apply the differences, one must rightly divide the word of truth.

  • God declares the end from the beginning and is as accurate in that declaration as He would be were He reflecting upon the past. This unveiling of God’s future plans is prophecy.

  • Salvation is basically understood as deliverance; but as it pertains to sin and man’s resulting needs, it is the quickening of man’s spirit, the redemption of man’s soul, and the eternal reconciliation of man to God.

  • Israel was chosen by God to be His representative people on earth; however, over and over again they rejected Him. This came to its greatest climax when they rejected their Messiah and took part in His crucifixion. In the end, Israel remains God’s chosen people and they will ultimately receive all the promises given to them by God.

  • The church was purchased at a great price by Christ Jesus and was established for His praise and the propagation of His gospel.

  • Godliness is the desire of God for every believer: it begins with one’s being (his inner man), moves to his doings, and impacts his feelings.

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